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How to enable XMPP notifications in phpBB3?

… I’ve been asked today. phpBB is a popular Internet forum package written in the PHP scripting language. The name “phpBB” is an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board. Available under the GNU General Public License, phpBB is free software.

And the really nice thing is, it lets you notify your users via XMPP/Jabber about anything it does via mail by default. I assume your board is set up already and that you have administrative privileges.

Step 1: Create a Jabber account using a regular client. I assume you created ‘’ in this HowTo.
Step 2: Open your forums admin panel, go to the ‘General’ Tab, choose ‘Jabber settings’ under ‘Client Communication’.
Step 3: ‘Enable’ Jabber, put ‘’ into the server field and enter your credentials you created in step 1. (e.g. and your password)
Step 4: Apply the changes by clicking ‘Submit’.

Your board is now ready to send notifications about new threads / posts / PMs via XMPP/Jabber.