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Happy Birthday Prosody

Prosody turned 1 today. Congratulations to the development team and everyone involved making Prosody the favorite XMPP Server for many people.

On Nov. 25th the 0.6 branch was released and brought a bunch of interesting new features
such as multi-session support in MUC, stream compression, encryption for server-to-server connections and per-host SSL/TLS certificates.
About a week later the 0.7 release seems to be just around the corner. Next to several bug-fixes it will add support for libevent, XEP-0065 (known as proxy65) and SASL SCRAM.

The Prosody team summarized the project’s history and published some graphs showing commit activity, lines of code and so on. Keep up the good work.

Sort of … “what’s next?”

This is a list of tasks that are planned for the next couple of weeks/months:

  • Migrate domains to Prosody done
  • Add a third xmpp-server to our network
  • Cluster and domains across those servers

Our long time goal is to have nodes not only in europe, but maybe on each continent. If you think this is worth contributing, consider a donation.

We will keep this post up to date and/or send notifications in case we expect a service outage. If that’s necessary it’s hopefully the last short downtime thanks to the clustered setup afterwards.

Update: Waqas Hussain, one of the Prosody developers, finished the migration script that allows us to switch to Prosody. He’s now working on completing Prosody’s MUC implementation after which we will start the migration process.

‘’ running Prosody!

We added another domain ( to the list of URLs that we host an XMPP service at. Generally this is nothing special, it ‘just’ enables users to choose from a wider range of available domain names.

What makes this particular domain special is the server software running behind it! It’s called Prosody.

Prosody is an exciting new server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua. It aims to be easy to use, and light on resources. For developers it aims to give a flexible system on which to rapidly develop added functionality, or prototype new protocols. Prosody is licensed under the permissive MIT/X11 license.

Prosody version 0.4.2 has just been released, make sure to give it a try if you are a system operator.

It is planned to migrate all our domains to Prosody in the future, most likely once Prosody has support for clustering.
We encourage you to create an account and try it out for yourself, any problems should be reported at

Special thanks goes to Matthew Wild, one of the Prosody developers and member of the team. Matthew helped us setting up the service and continues to help running it.