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  1. Which ports does your service listen on?
    Our service listens on xmpp standard ports. Those are 5222 (StartTLS) for C2S and 5269 (StartTLS) for S2S connections. In addition they also listen on port 80 (StartTLS) and 443 (Legacy SSL) for users behind a proxy and/or firewall.
  2. Can I mass-register accounts for my club/company/family?
    Not directly, we limit registrations in order to avoid bot-registrations and such. If each individual isn’t able to create his/her account then you may contact us with a list of usernames that you would like to have registered.
  3. Do you mind commercial usage of your service?
    No, we don’t. It would be nice of you to let us know by dropping a note though, or even consider a donation.
  4. Why do you run a public xmpp service?
    By far the most frequently asked question we receive. The answer is simple, we respect and appreciate a private and secure way of communication and enjoy providing this possibility to the public.
  5. Do you offer VIP services?
    No, and we never will. Our service is free and the same for all users.
  6. I registered here but can’t login using a client. What’s wrong?
    You don’t automatically register a jabber account by registering to this blog. You do that directly from your client. Refer to your clients documentation on how to do that.

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